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Liability Defense

Liability manifests in many forms.  The conscientious contractor or manufacturer, for example, cannot always foresee the causes that result in bodily injury, or death, to an employee.  Responsible directors of a corporation or homeowners association board do not intentionally make bad decisions or disregard their fiduciary duties.  A developer’s best efforts are sometimes insufficient to anticipate pre-existing site conditions that lay underground.  Life is full of the unexpected — including the potentially serious consequences of personal or professional liability that follow.  At times like these, the next decision you make may be the most important one.


Finch, Thornton & Baird, LLP regularly represents clients in a variety of construction-related situations, as well as those related to decisions made and actions taken in the business and corporate world.  Defense matters include insurance covered and coverage disputes, including complex multi-carrier litigation of additional insured and insurer obligations.  The firm represents individuals, corporations, insureds, insurers, and self-insureds in the analysis, negotiation, and defense of covered and potentially covered claims, including defect claims, shareholder and corporate director breach of fiduciary duty claims, professional liability, and major casualty losses.  We also service clients involved in contractual disputes or similar situations where insurance coverage is not specifically at issue.


When exposure to liability comes your way, you want exactly the right resources to handle the situation decisively, efficiently, and effectively.  Which is why our firm’s long history of successful courtroom litigation experience may be of particular interest.  Our tenacious attorneys have proven themselves in state and federal courts, and in virtually all alternative dispute resolution forums.

So don’t risk letting a bad situation become worse.  Call one of the experienced liability defense attorneys at Finch, Thornton & Baird to analyze, assess, and discuss your options.

Our expertise with Liability Defense issues includes:

  • Patent and latent construction defect claims on public, private, commercial, and residential projects
  • Patent and latent design defect claims on public, private, commercial, and residential projects
  • Bodily injury and wrongful death claims
  • Property damage and loss-of-use claims
  • Pollution claims
  • Employment claims
  • Defamation claims
  • Professional liability of architects and engineers
  • Professional liability of insurance and real estate brokers
  • Shareholder and director liability claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duty claims
  • Advertising injury claims
  • False claims

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