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Project Counsel

A growing number of companies are turning to Finch, Thornton & Baird, LLP for 24|7 course-of-performance strategy and counsel.  These general contractors and subcontractors — both large and small — understand the value that comes with working alongside a highly experienced construction authority and legal partner throughout the life of their projects.

These companies need no further convincing that “time is money.”  They understand there is simply no substitute for resolving minor or major issues as they occur, or for building the strongest possible case during construction, instead of at project completion.  The economic benefits and operational enhancements that result from prudent course-of-performance strategy and oversight are numerous.

Think Legal Construction Partner On Steroids.

Shaped by more than two decades of everyday experience with every conceivable type of public or private works project, we know precisely how to spot the early warning signs of potential trouble.  We understand the essential research, documentation, and investigative strategies and evidence necessary to fortify your position should a relationship become contentious, too.  It is a skill set mastered by few other attorneys or law firms.  So whether your business has its own in-house legal counsel or not, the construction law attorneys at Finch, Thornton & Baird can help save you time and money, keep projects running more smoothly, and minimize your short- and long-term risk.

Our Best Advice: Don’t Wait To Take Action.

Too many times we see companies wait to take action — even when the handwriting is all but spray-painted on the wall.  Some simply hope their concerns are ill founded; some hesitate to “be the bad guy” for fear of rocking the boat. Still others opt to deal with the problem … later.  Believe us when we say: the earlier you identify the warning signs of trouble brewing — and take action to resolve festering claims and disputes before they explode — the less it will cost you and your business in the long run.  We know this to be true from experience.

Take Your Pick Of Experienced Legal and Business Partners.

Randy FinchJason ThorntonJeff BairdChad Wishchuk.  Lou BlumDavid Demian.  Dustin JonesNowell LantzDavid SmileyAndrea PetrayChris SillariDan Scholz.  These are our attorneys on speed-dial for the leading general and subcontractors in the business.  Whether ten minutes of phone-time is all you need to discuss a concern or our greater involvement is required to “prepare for the worse,” you will sleep better by knowing we will always have your back.  Perhaps you should give one of us a call yourself.

Our expertise with construction Project Counsel includes:

  • Negotiation of prime contracts
  • Navigation and interpretation of key contractual requirements
  • Negotiation and drafting of subcontracts
  • Evaluation of scope disputes
  • Evaluation of schedule disputes, time extensions, and delays
  • Evaluation of cost overruns
  • Navigation of change orders and claims process
  • Analysis of subcontractor change orders and claims
  • Liaison to scheduling and claims consultants

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